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Best Choices For Bathroom Flooring

From wood to tile, there are many possibilities when it comes to your bathroom flooring. If you’re facing a renovation and aren’t sure which type of flooring would be best, read on to learn about all the traditional as well as trending flooring materials out there that can be used in this high-traffic room of the house.

1.  Hardwood

You may wonder if hardwood is actually a wise choice for a bathroom, and the answer is: it depends. If your bathroom is one without a shower or it’s a guest bath that doesn’t get a lot of use, hardwood floors can be an excellent choice for flooring. You may want to think twice about hardwood in a main bathroom or master bathroom that sees a lot of action in terms of showers and baths.

That’s because moisture and hardwood don’t mix, so all that steam from the shower and splashes from the bath can cause your hardwood to warp over time – that is, unless you’re diligent about proper care. It’s important to mop up any spills immediately and always use a ventilation fan when taking a shower to remove condensation.

You can also refinish and reseal them to elongate their lifespan and performance, and it’s also a good idea to add extra coats of varnish every now and then for more durability.

2.  Glass Tile

Recycled glass tiles are an emerging trend for bathrooms. These are pretty cool – especially the kind that change color as the temperature in the room changes. Think of your floors as like a giant mood ring! But even if you go with standard glass tile, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. You can even incorporate the same glass tiles on your walls, counters and backsplashes.

3.  Modular Carpet

Say what? Yes, you can use carpet in a bathroom, provided you use the right kind. Modular carpets made of memory foam can be very comfortable for the feet instead of standing directly on hard, cold tiles. They’re easy to install, and it’s easy to remove individual pieces for cleaning, drying and reattachment. Modular carpet tiles have a low-toxicity, antimicrobial backing that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold – an important factor to consider in a bathroom that gets a lot of moisture.

4.  Bamboo and Cork

If you are an environmentally-conscious homeowner, try flooring made from cork or bamboo. These tree-like tropical grasses are known to naturally replenish themselves every couple of years out in the wild. Bamboo floors are similar in appearance to traditional wood floors, but are harder and more durable. Cork, on the other hand, is softer and warmer – great for bare feet. Both resist mold, moisture, mildew and bacteria.

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