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The Best Floors For Play Rooms in Leawood

Do you own a home day care in Leawood, or have a play room in your house? Are you looking to install new flooring?  As high-traffic areas that withstand lots of abuse by little kids and pets, you know the material you choose has to stand up to the roughest of play – not to mention spills, stains, and accidents.

You also have to be able to easily clean the material, as playroom floors are notorious for being germy and dirty. It should be easy to sanitize the floors regularly, as well, to keep everyone healthy. And finally, the material should be comfortable and soft so a fall would not hurt a child easily.

Check out the best floor types for day cares and play rooms in Leawood, located in Johnson County, Kansas, home to 33,000.

Vinyl Sheets

This resilient, easy to clean option repels stains and can be sanitized with any cleansing agent sans damage, says the Spruce. It’s also possible to install vinyl sheets over padded cork underlayments to give a more spongy and soft feel. However, the underlayment isn’t cheap and can virtually double the cost of the flooring.

Rubber Floor Tiles

These are popular for use in home gyms and playgrounds, as they offer a good amount of protection for active children. Rubber tiles are soft and yielding, and come in many thicknesses. For highly-active areas, two inches or thicker is best. Rubber resists stains, as well.

Natural Linoleum Flooring

A resilient flooring option similar to vinyl, linoleum is stain-resistant and easy to care for. You can also apply an acrylic sealer on top for added stain protection. You can install this material over a padded underlayment for an even softer feel. This all-natural material won’t off-gas VOCs like its vinyl counterpart will, which means it’s a more environmentally-friendly choice.


One of the most common flooring choices for daycare centers and play rooms, carpet provides a soft landing thanks to its plush, soft and comfortable fibers. It also acts as a cozy surface for kids who want to take an impromptu nap. However, carpet can stain easily from spills and bodily fluids, whereby that moisture seeps into the padding and damages the subflooring.


You might not think hardwood would be good for a kids’ playroom, but it’s actually a great choice for older children or if the intended use is more of a classroom than an active play room. Just add a few throw rugs, and you get instant cushioning in highly active play areas. Hardwood is easy to clean and maintained, without harboring allergens.


This soft, all-natural material has a slight bounce to it, which is good for protecting kids from accidents and giving traction for more stable footing. Cork is non-allergenic and environmentally friendly, but due to its softness and porosity, it’s easily damaged by liquids and heavy play.

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